Monday, November 8, 2010

A sweater and other things

so what have I been up to these last couple of months? mostly just enjoying my little guy, but there has been quite a bit of crafting as well.

first off, the Baby poonam, i finished this before The Llama was born, but it was way too big to begin with, luckily, he finally grew into the sweater just as the weather started getting nippy.

baby poonam 09-23-10 1

baby poonam 09-23-10 2

baby poonam 09-23-10 3

Pattern: baby Poonam
(ravelry link to my project page for specs)

as for stuff I've been workign on recently, there is a cute little bunny binky I made to help with bedtime and naps, he sleeps much better with his bunny.

rainbow bunny binky

bunny blanket buddy
(ravelry link for specs)

the Llama loves bright colours the cotton chenille yarn is really soft, yet washable, a plus! there's another one in the works too, but, well, it'll look pretty much the same when it's finished.

on the sewing front, as the weather cools it becomes more important to keep the Llama warm on our daily walks, so I modified one of my old jackets (pack rat for the win!!) into a babywearing coat.

new diy bw coat 11-01-10 1

we both stay toasty, and he loves it!

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