Monday, October 10, 2011


posters 10-09-11

As I said earlier, the Llama has been really interested in the alphabet lately, and also is starting to recognize his colors. In an effort to keep up his interest I made up a handful of posters to put up behind the couch. The Llama will stand on the couch and look at the posters and point to letters, colors, or shapes, and we will tell him what he is pointing at. He will do this for up to 10-15 minutes at a time! Occasionally he will point to something and do the sign for it even before we have a chance to say what it is (or if we don't notice right away that he is pointing).

I did two alphabets because we want to teach The Llama ASL and the finger spelling alphabet, and we know he recognizes pictures and drawings. We still sign the letters to him when he points at the regular alphabet letters too, but the finger spelling one is there for when he just wants to look.

Just this morning The Llama Papa was pointing at colors and The Llama was doing the signs for them without being prompted. It was so cute!

The shapes poster is our most recent addition, and the Llama is fascinated by it and already recognizes and can sign star; the other shapes are a little more difficult because the way to sign most shapes in ASL is to make that shape, so it's a little harder for us to sign them and have him connect them with names, but he LOVES having us name the shapes for him. I think he's excited to have another thing to learn. His little brain just keeps sucking up all the info that it can.

I also like these posters because it gives up a little break from all the running around and craziness that he usually keeps up all day.

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