Thursday, February 16, 2012

coloring book

my coloring book 1 (1)

The Llama Pappa says this earns me a “best mommy” award.

If I don't know what to draw for my daily journal, I usually pick one of the Llama's many little plastic or stuffed toys. And then today I decided that I had enough to put together a little coloring book for him. I traced the drawings out of my journal (since the originals were painted in) and then scanned them. After a little editing and a bit of fiddling in Open Office, I had a coloring book!

The drawings aren't perfect, since I was tracing through thick paper without a light box, but I kind of like the rough look, and the Llama certainly doesn't seem to mind. In fact he LOVED it! I think he especially liked that they were his toys rather than just some random pictures.

my coloring book 1 mosaic

After I gather a few more drawings and figure out a better way of putting everything together I may share the book with everyone.

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