Thursday, January 17, 2013

catching up after the holidays

Wow! It sure has been a while eh? Things have been a bit wild around here, back in September The Llama Pappa started his new job (YAY!) but his training/work schedule was all over the place and it was hard for The Llama to adjust. Then, just when everything started to even out, the holidays arrived. We usually try to take Thanksgiving easy, we get a Tofurkey or Quorn roast, make homemade stuffing and mushroom gravy, cranberry orange relish, and sweet potato fries and that’s about it (this year we got a Tofurkey roast that came with its own gravy, but it wasn't nearly as good as home made). We live too far from family to be able to visit, but my parents came down to visit for a couple of days the week before and that was really nice. And then of course, we had to watch the parade. We don't do a lot of TV, so The Llama didn't recognize a lot of the pop culture stuff, but he really enjoyed the dance numbers, and the big balloons.

Watching the
Thanksgiving Parade

parade 2012 3

Because The Llama Pappa was so new at his job we knew he wouldn't be able to get time off to go visit family for Christmas, but then one of his coworkers took some vacation time at the beginning of December, so The Llama Pappa covered for her. The best part was that her schedule was set up so that three were three very long days but then The Llama Pappa would end up with four days off in a row! It was kind of grueling while he worked because they were such long days, but we were able to get back up north to visit our families, which was really awesome. Everybody spoiled The Llama rotten of course, he was the star of the show! But he had a great time, and handled the trip and visiting really well and made a new friend with my parent's Basset hound, Sam. But I do have to admit that we were all very glad to get home afterwords.

xmas trip 2012
day 1 1

xmas trip 2012
day 2 3

xmas trip 2012
day 2 4

xmas trip 2012
day 2 5

xmast trip
2012 day3 part 1 6

xmas trip 2012
day 3 part 2 8

xmas trip 2012
day 3 part 2 3

I think my favorite part of this Christmas was taking The Llama out on a ride to see all the lights, he loved it! He got especially excited whenever anybody had a train in their yard, it was so cute! And we started a new holiday tradition: home made Christmas Pizza! (The Llama Pappa and I were talking and we thought it was rather silly to have another big feast right after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is pretty much all about the food, (and parade) but for us Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, which is kind of hard to do when you are stuck in the kitchen all day.) Then New years was right around the corner, but we didn't really do anything special for that, besides go to bed early, because we are old fuddy duddies.

Checking out
the Christmas lights

And now we are finally starting to come back to some semblance of normal. The Llama Pappa finished training before the holidays hit, and now he has a regular schedule, so The Llama and I can get back into a routine. The weather has been quite frigid here.

snowy day
12-27-12 1

We got a little snow so I got to take The Llama out to play, whereupon we learned that The Llama doesn't really like snow all that much. Especially walking in it or when it gets on his mittens.

snowy day
12-27-12 3

He was very cute, but I guess we'll just stick to our usual walks around the neighborhood. The last week or so it has been too cold and windy to go out (and I was a bit worried about the people who never clear their sidewalks), but now that it has warmed up a bit and we are back to our route! It almost felt springlike the other day with the snow starting to melt and the birds all out and singing!


this was written a few days ago, and sat waiting for me to get around to adding pictures.  Since then the snow has returned and it is once again cold and dreary :(

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