Friday, June 11, 2010


how time flies! Here is a post with some of the Llama related things I've been working on the last two months (oldest first):

Remember the cthulhu embroidered onesie? I finally colored it in.

embroidered onesies coloured cthulhu

And then made another embroidered onesie, this one with Godzilla:

embroidered onesies coloured godzilla

356, 433, 471, 666 (heh), 740, 815, 905, 3787


I made myself a new baby wrap, this one out of a tablecloth from Target; just cut down the middle and hem! Its 2.1m and perfect for the rebozo carry, which the Llama loves to fall asleep in.

siting with naping tommy 05-09-10 2


Baby blocks!!

denim blocks 2

the Llama Papa had these really nifty pj pants with rubber duckies on them that eventually wore out as pjs are wont to do, but I loved the print so I kept them. When we had the Llama I thought it would be awesome to make something for him out of them. My first thought was blocks! But since I had a limited supply of fabric I made a prototype first out of an old worn out pair of jeans. It's a good thing I did; the first block was HUGE! (5" squares) so I made the next one a bit smaller, and that worked out much better (3.5" squares)

denim blocks 1

Now to get off my butt and make the ducky ones.

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