Saturday, August 27, 2011

I think I may have just finished the coolest (and easiest) craft ever.

Ok, maybe not ever, but this turned out so awesome, I love it!

silhouette painting 08-27-11

Isn't that awesome looking?

I used this tutorial to make the silhouette and ended up with this:

t silhouette 08-27-11

then I printed it, carefully cut it out, and stuck it to a piece of watercolor paper, then I just quickly brushed all along the edge with paint!
Once it dried a little I took the silhouette off and touched up the edges a bit, and ta da!

I made this for my mother who is visiting this weekend. But in the morning I'm going to make a few more to give to my grandmother and the Llama Poppa's mother, and another for us!


here they all are together. I am so happy with these! I sent them off with my mother today to be framed and so everybody can choose the one they want.

silhouette tutorial 7

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