Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the stages of a Llama tantrum:

the stages of a Llama tantrum:

1) refuse to nap, get super tired
2) drop a block and freak out, wander around whining/crying
3) ignore/flail at mommy when she tries to comfort you
4) freak out and throw yourself around when she tries to nurse you
5) finally calm down enough to nurse, but occasionally kick and/or hit mommy in the face to stay awake
6) melt down when she puts you down for knocking her glasses off
‎7) ask for wrap, but freak out again when mommy gets it out
8) flail and scream when mommy puts you on her back
9) calm down when she puts the wrap over you, but fuss when she takes too long to get it tied
10) calm, occasional sniffle or hiccup
11) laugh maniacally when mommy picks up your toys from your quilt
12) fall asleep while she is emptying the dishwasher

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