Sunday, June 26, 2011

A very merry unbirthday

Or half birthday.

We went back home to celebrate the Llama's half birthday with Family. It was a great trip, but tiring, we really enjoyed being able to visit with our families, and the Llama had a great time visiting with everybody, and fell in love with himself in the hotel mirror.

The day of the party we decided to visit the Zoo as well we had a great time, but the Llama missed most of it as he promptly fell asleep:

zoo 06-25-11 sleepy boy

Oh well, at least we was well rested for the party!

There was playing with family,

half birthday 06-25-11 01

half birthday 06-25-11 05

And in puddles

half birthday 06-25-11 puddle 4

And possibly the worst decorated cake ever (outside of cakewrecks) I haven't done any decorating since the Llama was born, and I didn't have time to practice before finishing it. Also it was so hot and humid that day that the icing was literally melting off as fast as I could get it on (you can seem my crumb coat was a total fail). oh well, he didn't know the difference, and everybody seemed to enjoy it, it is alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake.

half birthday cake 06-24-11

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